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About Us

About Us

Making The Workplace A More Balanced Place

Straight outta good old Pardeeville, Wisconsin we have spent more than 10 years leading the development of innovative products that align form with function and purpose with design. Our DeHaus Work Wear provides a superior balance of Safety, Protection, Comfort, Quality, and Value. Through combining these elements, we are able to enhance productivity for workers in the most varied of work environments.

A Commitment to Users and Sellers

DeHaus, Inc. believes there is great value in keeping manufacturing here in the United States. We; therefore, are committed to generating a product that has been created, designed and manufactured with excellence right here in the USA. By keeping true to this commitment we will do our part to help generate jobs and bolster the economy for our fellow users and sellers of DeHaus Performance Work Gear products. We will accomplish this through a unique combination of tenacity, focus, and the pursuit of excellence.

Innovation and Excellence

Michael Vance once declared that “Innovation is the creation of the new or the re-arranging of the old in a new way.” Here at DeHaus, Inc we strive to find solutions to real world problems that workers are faced with everyday. For instance we did not invent the knee pad we just made them “Exemplary Better.” By understanding the limitations, of current products we use on a daily basis to perform certain job functions, we can inject new life into that product and overcome the pitfalls so many tradesmen have to put up with on a daily basis.

Experienced Team

To obtain that competitive edge we have aligned ourselves with the best in their fields to accomplish our vision. Buchholz & Roth stated it best, “Synergism is the simultaneous actions of separate entities which together have greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects.” These partnerships are with the greatest designers, most reputable suppliers, highest quality material finishers and finest sewing contractors in the country. Establishing a cohesive partnership with each of these individual companies allows DeHaus to draw from their vast years of industry expertise, directly influencing the quality of our products.

Consistent Quality

There’s a big difference between consistent quality and occasional quality. Every company occasionally produces a quality product. But what separates the ordinary companies from the extraordinary companies is the ability to produce quality products and services time and again.

At DeHaus, we are completely focused on delivering consistent quality. It’s not just a good idea but ingrained in our corporate culture. It drives our policies and procedures, our design, our material selection, our manufacturing, and our distribution. It is evident in our continuous quality control methodology and performance management. Striving to create greatness along each step of the way. As a result, whether you’re purchasing a single product or setting up as a retailer distributor, you can rest assured that you know what you get and you get what you pay for.

Consistent quality. Time after time.